October 5, 2018

Welcome to the Home Practice page! We will be updating uppercanadachorus.com/homepractice on a weekly basis.  All of our Rehearsal Guides/Listening Guides can be found at uppercanadachorus.com/rehearsalguides.

If you are ever unable to make a rehearsal, we ask that you fill out the absentee form at uppercanadachorus.com/rehearsalguides as well as make up your rehearsal at another campus that week.  A full schedule can be found at uppercanadachorus.com/calendar.

A reminder that there is no rehearsal at our Thornhill Campus this upcoming Monday due to Thanksgiving.  Have a great long weekend!


Draw of one of the verses below from “Christmas Pipes” in your Celtic Christmas Book.  Bring to to your next rehearsal!

m. 24 – 39 (either “Christmas Bells” or “Christmas Strings”



In your Homework Guide on October 1, fill out the names of the SPACES in the staff.

Watching & Listening

Listen and follow along to “Walking in the Air” page. 71 of your Celtic Christmas book.

Try singing along to the piano track

      Walking in the Air - Piano - Upper Canada Chorus

Rhythm Exploration

Go to October 1 in your Homework Guide and follow and clap the rhythm shown. (People’s Song m. 3-7)

Pitch Exploration

Go to October 1 in your Homework Guide sing on a “loo”


Review your parts for “Hallelujah”