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Upper Canada Conservatory: York Region’s #1 Destination for Private Lessons

With permanent studio facilities in the historic Heintzman House, UCC offers an unparalleled lesson experience for students of any age.

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Our Upper Canada Conservatory (UCC) studios are located in the historic Heintzman House, Thornhill. The Heintzman name has been synonymous with extraordinary music in Canada since 1870, and UCC has created an international bench mark for musical education since 1997. UCC has permanent residence in the historic Heintzman mansion, where we have equipped our lesson studios with fully restored Heintzman pianos. Both the environment and teaching staff are unparalleled in York Region, providing a true regional alternative to the Royal Conservatory in downtown Toronto. Our program corresponds with all Royal Conservatory grades right up to and through ARCT.

All private lesson students perform in masterclasses, or in micro-concerts and rehearsals throughout the season, giving them invaluable practical experience on their instrument. Students benefit from the most extraordinary teachers in our city, including graduates from UofT, Julliard, Yale, and Glen Gould.

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Teaching Faculty Leads

Michelle Rawlins
Michelle Rawlins
Michelle Rawlins is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. As a co-founder of the Upper Canada Chorus, Michelle is recognized internationally as a leader in primary music education.
Dr. Christopher Miranda
Dr. Christopher Miranda
Dr Miranda completed his Master’s degree in Piano Performance at the University of Toronto, and continued his studies at Yale and Indiana University, where he earned his PhD. Christopher currently supervises advanced piano instruction at UCC.
Clara Lee
Clara Lee
Clara is a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School in New York, and currently works as a violinist for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Canadian Opera Company. She received her piano degree under the instruction of internationally renowned educator Merina Geringas.

Registration & Fees

3-Lesson Trial

  • Piano | Voice | Violin
  • 3 x 45 minute Private Lessons

Registration & Fees

45-Minute Lessons

  • Piano | Voice | Violin
  • 10 x 45-minute Private Lessons

60-Minute Lessons

  • Piano | Voice | Violin
  • 10 x 60-Minute Private Lessons

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