Welcome to Storytime for the week of June 3rd

Thank you for joining us for our weekly story time together. This week we read Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Laurence Anholt. It’s truly amazing we have Leonardo’s collection of journals from hundreds of years ago … that we can actually read and experience the words, thoughts, and emotions of this great artist. Leonardo had a particular obsession for flight, and although he was limited to the materials of his time he conceived amazingly intricate plans for flying machines, parachutes, hoists, pulleys and levers. He dabbled in everything and his ever curious mind drove him to explore painting, architecture, music, botany, math, and astronomy. His plan was to make a pictorial record of every object in the world. I want to leave you with a few quotes of the great Leonardo da Vinci:

“Time abides long enough for those who make use of it.”

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.”

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation …even so does inaction sap the vigour of the mind”.

Weekly challenge: With summer coming up I want you think about some goals and passions that you would like to pursue this summer. Give it some thought. You can discuss them with a family member or friend, write them down in a personal journal or simply personally reflect upon your ideas. After some consideration, think about a plan and some steps you can implement to help ensure you meet your goals. To be entered into the draw simply email michelle.rawlins@uppercanadachorus.com and let us know that you have completed the challenge.