Welcome to Storytime for the week of June 17th

This week’s reading was a little longer than usual, but well worth the time. I just love the story The Quiltmaker’s Gift by Jeff Brumbeau. A very wealthy king learns about the true joy of giving. He learns that more pleasure is gained from the act of giving and sharing happiness than by hoarding beautiful treasures for one’s own use and exclusive benefit. As the king begins to let go of his things he “slowly emptied his wagons, trading his treasures for smiles around the world”. When he had everything imaginable he was restless and never content. As he learned the true lesson of giving he comes to the realization that “I may look poor, but in truth my heart is full to bursting, filled with memories of all the happiness I’ve given and received. I’m the richest man I know”.

Now, giving is not just limited to the realm of stuff and things that can be bought. Giving is a manner of living, a way of being. Your challenge this week is twofold:

  1. Give something to your Dad for Father’s Day (an experience, bake his favourite treat, etc…) to accompany the handmade card you hopefully made last week!
  2. Think of something you can give to someone else in this time of physical distancing. You have tremendous power and capacity to brighten someone else’s day and have an impact on their life.

To be entered into the final draw simply email michelle.rawlins@uppercanadachorus.com and let me know that you have completed the challenge.

See you next Wednesday, June 24th for our final story time together!!!