September 21, 2018

Welcome to the Home Practice page! We will be updating on a weekly basis.  All of our Rehearsal Guides/Listening Guides can be found at

If you are ever unable to make a rehearsal, we ask that you fill out the absentee form at as well as make up your rehearsal at another campus that week.  A full schedule can be found at

Solfege is a music education method used to teach pitch and sight singing. Syllables are assigned to the notes of the scale and enable the musician to mentally hear the pitches of a piece of music, which he or she is seeing for the first time, and then sing them aloud. The hand signs are designed specifically to help us understand the movement of pitch through a scale.

Our Home Practice over the next few weeks will focus on developing a solid foundation for Solfege. Thanks to some of our senior choristers – Chloe Ko, Olivia Orsi & Lilly Rayman – for filming this video at our kickoff retreat 2017, and to Chloe for cutting it together. Our senior choristers will create many of the videos and audio files this year, and we are looking forward to seeing their creativity on full display as the season progresses.

Try practicing your hand signs to the D major scale

Listen and follow along to “Walking in the Air” page. 71 of your Celtic Christmas book.