Upper Canada Chorus: Canada’s preeminent choral experience for youth

An extraordinary experience for elite singers, UCC has cultivated some of the finest musicians in our city for over 20 years.

Our flagship choral program

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the UCC program, then come Meet With Us! to discuss the options available for our 2020/2021 season. We have only limited capacity this season as we have reduced numbers and campuses in response to COVID-19 distancing guidelines. Our live program is now at capacity and we are officially SOLD OUT for the 2020/2021 season. We have, however, launched a fully digital campus. If you would like to explore our digital campus or be placed on our wait list, please contact us at the email below.

For questions contact us today admin@uppercanadachorus.com

Come sing with Canada’s preeminent choral experience for youth

Admission is by audition only. You may submit a video audition.


Payment Date Option A Option B Option C
Due Currently $1490 + HST ($1684) $767 + HST ($867) $521 + HST ($589)
October 1, 2019 n/a $767 + HST ($867) $521 + HST ($589)
November 1, 2019 n/a n/a $521 + HST ($589)

Welcome To Our 2019/20 Season

Come sing with us, and discover the magic of music.

Unplugged: Adele

October 26, 2019


December 7, 2019

Mamma Mia!

March 7, 2020


May 30, 2020

Upper Canada Chorus

Registering now for our 20th season!

Come sing with an extraordinary group
of young musicians.

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What We Do, And How…

We believe in the extraordinary capacity of each individual to adapt and learn, and to approach the world with an almost magical sense of wonder and discovery. It is this innate human spirit that launches young people on a quest to acquire language, to fascinate over the simple movements of nature, and to explore the natural sounds and rhythms all around us.

At OPUS, we use the most compelling attributes of live arts to create inspiration for young people and their audiences. We do it by focusing on 3 core educative principals. They are:

  • The Atmosphere of Environment

    A positive, nurturing environment certainly includes the aesthetic surroundings, but also refers to the strong sense of community we believe is necessary for young artists to grow.

  • The Discipline of Habit

    Blending both knowledge and action perfectly, experience in the arts prepares students for success in life. We encourage and cultivate the habitual behaviours of confidence and leadership.

  • The presentation of LIVING IDEAS

    We believe arts education should be presented in such a way that it causes students to engage with the world and people around them.

Upper Canada Chorus Faculty

Brian Rawlins
Brian Rawlins
Brian Rawlins is a professional Toy Inventor and Brander with international clients including Hasbro, Disney and Sesame Street. He received formal music education at the Royal Conservatory and the University of Toronto. Brian currently serves as the Artistic Director at Opus Alive, and is a co-founder of the Upper Canada Chorus.
Michelle Rawlins
Michelle Rawlins
Michelle is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music. She studied Piano Pedagogy with the world-renown Merina Geringas, who remained a close mentor until Merina’s passing last year. Michelle is a co-founder of the Upper Canada Chorus, and is currently Director of Curriculum at Opus Alive.
Lian Senior
Lian Senior
Lian graduated with an Arts degree from McMaster University in 2011. She was Head Chorister of the Upper Canada Chorus in 2007, and returned to Opus Alive in 2012 as a permanent faculty member, currently holding the position of Director of Community. Lian is one of the lead conductors at Upper Canada Chorus.
Mark Camilleri
Mark Camilleri
Mark’s entire professional life embraces music. As a Music Director, Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Accompanist, Engineer, Producer, Conductor, and Recording Studio Owner. He has worked with artists including Audra McDonald, Il Divo, Celine Dion, The Tenors, Andrea Bocelli and many more, and is sought after around the world for his extraordinary abilities.
Katelyn Bird
Katelyn Bird
Currently studying Vocal Performance at the prestigious Glenn Gould School in Toronto, Katelyn has been heralded a “voice to watch” by the Toronto Star. Katelyn is a former Head Chorister at the Upper Canada Chorus (2014), and continues to support UCC as a Conductor in Residence.
Tina Desrochers
Tina Desrochers
Tina, originally from Montreal, Canada, is a passionate and versatile dancer. She has trained in many dance schools from Los Angeles to Montreal, France, Vancouver and New York. Tina is proficient at ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap and lyrical dance forms, and excels at choreography.
Joaquin Hidalgo-Nunez
Joaquin Hidalgo-Nunez
Joaquin Nuñez Hidalgo was born and raised in Cuba. His early inspiration was his musically gifted father Porfirio Nuñez, a former singer/guitarist with one of the oldest Cuban orchestras “Brisas de Nipe”.
Sara Wood
Sara Wood
Sara has trained in jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, acro, hip hop, contemporary, modern and musical theater. Over the years Sara has also had professional experience dancing for charity galas and benefits.



Living Arts (Grades 1-3): 6:00PM-7:15PM
Upper Canada Chorus (Grades 4-12): 6:00PM – 7:40PM

Holy Trinity Anglican Church
140 Brooke Street, Thornhill



Living Arts (Grades 1-3): 6:00PM-7:15PM
Upper Canada Chorus (Grades 4-12): 6:00PM – 7:40PM

Central United Church
131 Main Street, Unionville



Living Arts (Grades 1-3): 6:00PM-7:15PM
Upper Canada Chorus (Grades 4-12): 6:00PM – 7:40PM

Richmond Hill United Church
10201 Yonge Street., Richmond Hill