Welcome to Storytime for the week of May 13

Welcome to ‘Storytime’ for Wednesday May 13th. Ferdinand, a heart warming innocent children’s tale, right? Ferdinand the bull who loves smelling the flowers and won’t fight in the bullfight in Madrid, is such an unassuming, endearing character. This book of less than 800 words which the author, Munro Leaf, wrote in less than an hour has created quite a stir since its publication. Did you know that this book was banned in Spain until 1975 and that Hitler ordered all copies to be burned? Franco and Hitler did not like its underlying pacifist message. I guess it’s no surprise that it was a favourite book of Mahatma Gandhi. After World War II, over 30,000 copies were distributed throughout Germany as a way of promoting peace among youth. What do you see in the story?  Ferdinand knew who he was and what he loved and no one could convince him (even by force) to act otherwise.

Your challenge this week …

Think about what you love to do. What are some of the things you do that are so much a part of who you are they help define you? What are some of your most enjoyable hobbies?

Submit a photo of you doing something you love. Send the photo to michelle.rawlins@uppercanadachorus.com for an entry into our weekly draw. Or for 2 entries to the draw, post your photo on instagram and tag @uppercanadachorus using the hashtag #weeklychallenge. This week’s prize is a $20.00 gift card!!!

We look forward to seeing all your submissions!