Musicianship Classes – Materials and Resources

Here are the PDFs for class today. Please refer to your email for class login details. A reminder of times:

Grade 2 RCM @ 6:00PM

Grade 4 RCM @ 6:30PM

Grade 6 RCM @ 7:00PM

Our 6:00PM class will include repertoire from RCM Grade 2. This week we are taking a look at (and listen to) “Hushabye Mountain” from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Included below is a clip of the original film. Grade 4 RCM at 6:30PM will look at “Song for the Mira”, by former UCC guest John McDermott. And finally at 7:00PM tonight, join us for RCM Grade 6 selection “Oh What a Beautiful Morning”. Below you will find a video of Hugh Jackman (of “The Greatest Showman” and, uh, “Wolverine”) singing this song on Broadway.

Musicianship Classes – Mondays @ 6PM – Grade 2 RCM

Musicianship Classes – Mondays @ 6:30PM – Grade 4 RCM

Musicianship Classes – Mondays @ 7:00PM – Grade 6 RCM