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Schedule a “meet with us” appointment on June 27 and chat with our Artistic and Education Directors about the possibility of elite arts education for your son or daughter. On this special Open House day you will have a chance to explore the benefits of the full Upper Canada Chorus program, discover our private lesson studios in the historic Heintzman House, and talk to former and current students about their experiences. Bookings are by appointment only.

“Meet with Us” is an opportunity for prospective students to experience a mini lesson with an Opus Arts instructor. Participants will become familiar with some of the teaching techniques used in the Upper Canada Chorus rehearsal setting, as well private and group lesson environments. Parents will receive feedback on their child’s learning style, engagement and response to the instructor, musicality and recommendations on the best Opus Arts program for their child. Participants will also spend time interacting with our hands-on musical literacy program. UCC instructors, choristers and alumni will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

No previous preparation or instruction is assumed or necessary. We are looking for an ability to focus, an eagerness to learn and a love of singing! The “Meet with Us” environment is positive, relaxed and encouraging. Every child is recognized for his or her efforts and willingness to try new things. The $20 fee is waived on June 27 during our Open House. To arrange a time to meet with us, please complete the form below.

We look forward to meeting you!

Meet With Us

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My daughters have learned so much from their experiences with UCC. As well as receiving top-notch musical training, they have experienced the joy of sharing their passion for music with other like-minded youth. Perhaps most importantly, they have learned that by working hard at something they love, their lives can be immeasurably enriched.
Dr. Dalia Chapnick , Child & Adolescent Psycologist
I don’t think we as parents express our appreciation enough. Thank you for all that you do and all the invaluable experiences and opportunities you have provided to our children.
Anne Ko, UCC Parent
The UCC experience is incomparable. I can’t imagine a more worthy extra-curricular activity for my 3 children.
Richard Parry, UCC Parent
You have helped us give our daughter the best musical education we could hope for and so much more. You have introduced many concepts and helped her learn and discover many things, not just about music, but also about herself.
Maya Zeltser, UCC Parent