Hello all UCC Choristers!
If this is your first time to the Home Practice page, welcome!

This page will be updated each week with our goals and targets for the next rehearsal week. Take a few minutes each week to play through the videos and anchor the work we did in rehearsal.

This week we will continue to work on 4 songs from our Adele concert. The rehearsal videos are posted below. Concentrate on the rhythm of each. Read the rhythm and tap your sticks in time with the videos provided. If you sing along, don’t sing the words yet. Stick to an open vowel like “loo” and really concentrate on hitting the centre of the pitch (no scoops please).

First Chirp “Sky” begins this week at the Richmond Hill Campus. If you know someone with children in JK or SK, let them know about this exciting program. We have only 2 spaces left! Interested parents can register on this website before Thursday.